V-steams, also known as "yoni-steams. are health treatments where a woman sits over steaming water filled with herbs that are beneficial to the vagina! This treatment can reduce period cramps, boost fertility, cure yeast infections & BV or simply serve as a relaxation treatment!  See blog post for Yoni steam away fibroids on blog.


Drink your detox water! Water is already the ULTIMATE purifier, replenished, and hydrator for all organs in our bodies. Adding fruit is a way to enhance taste and most fruit have their own healing or beneficial properties! The two together make for a dynamic duo for detoxing!


Cranberries are the vagina's HERO! They are loaded with acid compounds that fight off bad bacteria. Cranberry juice can help you prevent and relieve urinary tract infections!  Try to go for a no sugar-added brand to get the benefits! 


Pink Bawse Vaginal Cleanse is an all natural vaginal wash made by our owner, Kenyata Woods! This cleanse is great for pH balancing, removing odors and is gentle enough for a everyday use! Get your bottle today!