Be selfish; Self Love, Selfcare, self Knowledge, self healing. you cannot truly love another until you know how to love  yourself .

Kenyata Woods

Owner| Massage Therapist


I am a National Certified Massage Therapist!  I have over 16 years of experience in my craft! I have a passion for making people feel their best through massage and overall health! Self-care is a MAJOR part of being the best version of yourself. Therefore, throught my ability to help you achieve overall wellness, you can find the self-motivation to be your best! I cant wait to serve you!


Wholistic Wellness: Yoni (V-steam), Facials, Massage, Ion Foot Detox, Detox Herb Infused Sauna and Ear Candling.

Wholistic ( whole self) Wellness Alternative Health Products! All of our products are 100% Natural!

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The Pink B.A.W.S.E Movement is a women’s self-care program powered by Rejuvenate Wholistic Wellness that stands for Women Being Aware of Self-care and Empowerment. Our goal is to promote the optimal health of women in our group by educating and encouraging them to use therapeutic massage, wholistic services, and all-natural products to relieve stress, improve health, and experience their highest level of wellness. Membership to join our movement is free and gives you access to discounts on services and products at Rejuvenate Wholistic Wellness. Join today and show yourself some love! #SELFLOVE


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