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Massage Therapy Vs Medication

Hello Sunshine,

Kenyata here with Rejuvenate Wholistic Wellness, Massage Spa.

I wanted to talk with you about the importance of scheduling time for self care. Between the busy hustle and bussle of raising a family and working a full time job, many hard working professionals just like you don't have the time to make time to cook healthy meals everyday, exercise daily and schedule self care. Surprisingly, many have time to go see a doctor for migraines and bodily pain --- because our bodies forced us to.

Massage Therapy can help our mind and body in so many ways. Below, I've mentioned a few ways how massage therapy can help compared to medications that comes with so many side effects.

Torticollis (stiff neck) - Take this moment and do this: Turn your head to the left. And now to the right. how far did it go? Did you feel any stiffness? If yes, you may have torticollis. A professional massage therapist will take note of the alignment of your neck and provide a series of treatments to fix and alleviate neck pain and stiffness.

Do you are someone that you know work at a desk with a phone to the ear? This may be you.

Migraines - There are 2 sets of muscles in your back and neck area that may be tight. These muscles are hard to reach and massage alone. The Splenius Capitus and the Splenius Cervis. These two muscles sets along with a muscle group at the base of your skull may be tight and the culprit of migraines. A massage therapist can release and lengthen these muscles that will provide a world of relief.

Insomnia - Can sleep at night? Or having trouble staying asleep? You central nervous system may be overactive. A massage therapist can provide a whole hosts of methods that may help you fall into a deep sleep

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